All 3 on the sea, Bank holiday Monday adventure.

Bank holiday weekend, stunning weather, we decided to get all 3 on the sea for the first time.
We managed to get them out on the water for the first time a few weeks back.
This time I rearranged the seats on the kayak as I had the youngest, Seth, on my lap last time, I centred my seat for easier paddling, added a seat behind and hand Seth (almost 2) in a seat up front, with a carabiner bungee cord attached to his life vest, just incase. He spends most the time hanging of the side with his hands in the water, but is a very carful boy in general.

We loaded up the car first thing.
Can not miss a bright red car with a massive yellow kayak on the roof.

We have our kayak sat on a HandiRack, we have owned this for around 10 years.
If you get through as many cars as we do and don't want to keep buying roof rails, a HandiRack is an inflatable roof bar system and fits on most cars. Fold it away when not in use, quickly strap it on and inflate it when needed. I have used this for the Kayak for around 10 years on 5/6 different cars, also used it to carry fence panels and posts on the car roof.
Highly recommend it your after something like this. 

On the beach ready to get out, Kayak loaded with snacks and water bottles & extra suncream

Headed out, kept within around 100 meters of the shore, and paddled 
All sat very nicely in the kayak, my daughter on the stand up paddle board decide to take a swim, impressing us with her confidence in the water, considering she used to hate the water.

We headed about 1 mile along the coast before turning back.

The boys spent most the time leaning over the side with their hands in the water

It all got to much for Seth, who ended up falling asleep.

Thankfully we could adjust his seat so he was laying back, his life jacket acted as a pillow, we covered his face from the sun with his hat, and he had a good nap.

Got back to the beach we launched from, and they enjoyed some much needed snacks.

Which gave me some time to take my RedPaddle Co Sport for a spin

A great day on the water, all the children loved it on the sea, and showed us how well behaved they can be when we need them to be, and how much their water confidence is improving, which is great.
More family sea adventures coming their way.


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