A POV of a few photos on the beach with my Mamiya RB67 - Final Photos

I put together a short video where I attached my Fuji XT1 above my Mamiya RB67 and filmed a point of view video.
I shot 3 frames using Kodak Ektar 100 120 film

I got round to developing them the other night with a Tetenal Colortec C-41 kit and scanned them using my Epson V600

If your interested in learning how to develop your own C-41 film at home 
I put together a short and easy tutorial HERE

Here are the 3 images I got from that morning

How the Fuji XT1 was mounted above my Mamiya RB67 to film the video.

A piece of metal wrapped around 2 pieces of wood and held together with screws and jubilee clips.


  1. Hi Will, I just discovered your video on youtube via a friend's recommendation. I also own an RB so it being Monday morning here in my country was kind of therapeutic seeing you take those shots! thanks for uploading that. I just have one small question, I was wondering what particular tripod and head setup you're using for yours? I'm looking at doing more landscape work but I'm not sure where to start as the market is saturated with options. Are there any particular models you might recommend? thanks for your great video! Zach (NZ)

  2. Hi Zach, thank you for the comment.
    I use Manfrotto 190XPROB legs which I have used for years and never had any problems with, I am however considering changing them to a carbon version just to help with weight.
    The tripod head i use is a Manfrotto Junior Geared Head 410, which I find perfect with the weight of the RB, a geared head means you can make fine adjustments over a ball joint head. Hope it helps :)

  3. Hi Will,
    Thank you and sorry for the late reply! that's extremely helpful and I'll keep those models in mind when I go out to get my setup. That helps a ton!
    Once again thank you (:

  4. Hi Will, for some reason my comment didnt show up here. I just wanted to express my thanks for your help earlier this year. I've been having a great time with my RB. Such an underrated camera in the medium format world - and quite affordable if you compare it with what's out there. I havent got around to buying a tripod but I've noted down the one you recommended as I'm sure ill need one down the track when I start experimenting with slower shutter speeds. Thanks again for replying me!!
    all the best with your photography too. (:

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  5. Merhabalar Gudgeon öncelikle seni çok başarılı buluyorum ve tebrik ediyorum. Ben de maddi olarak düze çıkabilirsem senin gibi bir fotoğrafçı olacağım...🙏🙏

  6. Would you mind telling how you mounted the videocamera? It's genius and I can't figure out how you managed! :D

    1. Hi Axel, of course.
      I have a photo of the set up, hopefully can view it here https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DRQ4qwNX0AAatXe.jpg:large


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