365, 27 Exposures at a time 1-27. Disposable camera challenge.

365, 27 Exposures at a time 1-27

At the start of 2017 I set myself a 365 challenge.
Take a single photo everyday with a disposable camera.

The 1st camera I used was an Ilford HP5 Plus 400 

I developed the film myself at home in Ilford Ilfosol 3

1: Jan 1st - New Years Day Chill Out

2: Jan 2nd - Wind Power

 3: Jan 3rd - Back to work

4: Jan 4th - Morrisons

5: Jan 5th - Fresh Paint

6: Jan 6th - underground car park

7: Jan 7th - Swimming lessons

8: Jan 8th - Sunday Drive

9: Jan 9th - Morning Lake

10: Jan 10th - Stop sign at night

11: Jan 11th - Late workers, an office block I pass on the way home from work.

12: Jan 12th - Cycling in the Rain

13: Jan 13th - Frozen path

14: Jan 14th - Saturday Swim lessons

15: Jan 15th - Newhaven, Sunday drive

16: Jan 16th - Swan at night in the rain

17: Jan 17th - underground

18: Jan 18th - Pylon

19: Jan 19th - Morning horse

20: Jan 20th - river reflections

21: Jan 21st - Out at the Seven Sisters with my Mamiya RB67

22: Jan 22nd - Sunday Coffee

23: Jan 23rd - ??? Honestly I have no idea what this is.

24: Jan 24th - Evening river

25: Jan 25th - Chores

26: Jan 26th - Family Adventures

27: Jan 27th - My 4 legged Best Friend

January has been a cold wet month and not ideal for a disposable camera, most my photos were taken either going to or coming home from work, now the evenings are getting lighter and I have more of an idea as to how the disposable is in certain lighting situations Im hoping my next batch will have more recognisable images.

So far I have started to find it challenging to get a photo each day, more getting into the habit to having the camera with me, also with this challenge it is 1 photo each day and not a case of taking loads and choose the best, so I have missed many potentially better photos. But so far i am enjoying it a look forward to finding an image each day.

Next camera is a "Vintage Blue Single Use Camera 27 exposure" From Boots


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