Developing E6 film at home - Tetenal Colortec E6 3-bath Kit

This is a simple guide to developing your own E6 slide film at home.

If you have developed B&W or C-41 in the past, you shouldn't find this to hard.

Before I started doing E6 I had only ever developed B&W, and only for around 6 months.

You can also watch me doing this on YouTube

First we are using the Tetenal Colortec E6 3-bath Kit.

What you need:
Tetenal Colortec E6 3-bath kit
Developing tank, loaded with film
Chemical bottles
Measuring cylinders: 500ml & 100ml

To start with you have to mix the chemicals
First Developer - FD
400ml water + 100ml FD

Colour Developer - CD
300ml water + Part 1 100ml + part 2 100ml

Bleach Fix - BX
300ml water + Part 1 100ml + part 2 100ml

Stabilizer – STAB
400ml water + 100ml STAB

Now all your chemical are mixed and your film is loaded in the developing tank its time to go.

This is my set up
In the black bowl I have my FD + CD + BX and Dev tank, the water is around 38.5°C - 39.5°C
Chemicals need to be at 38°C

On the left I have 2 bowls
One has the STAB in, which needs to be between 20°C-25°C

The other I use for the wash, and that has to be at 38°C

Keep a check on all temperatures throughout the process, keep a boiled kettle near to help quickly adjust temperatures.

When all chemicals are at 38°C you are ready to being

Step 1
Pre Heat Tank
You can either do this wet or dry, I pour some water in my tank at 38°C and leave in bowl for 2 minutes, you can do this without water and just use a weight to hold tank down.
This helps get the film to a good temperature to begin.

Step 2
First Developer – FD
Temperature - 38°C (+/- 0.5°C)
1st and 2nd film - 6 minutes 15 Seconds
3rd and 4th film - 6 minutes 30 seconds
5th and 6th film - 6 minutes 45 seconds

Agitation- constantly during the first 15 seconds, then once every 15 seconds
I keep the dev tank in the bowl of water at 38°C to help maintain the correct temperature, and use the agitation stick to agitate every 15 seconds, this means I don't need to remove the tank from the bowl during most of the development.
This is the same for FD, CD and BX

Step 3
Temperature - 38°C (+/- 1°C)
Time : 2 minutes 30 seconds

You can either keep the tank under running water which must be at 38°C
Fill the tank with water and keep it moving for 30 seconds, then dump the water, then refill the tank and repeat the process.
Stop your timer when you are refilling and dumping the water, so the time it takes for refill and dump is not counted as washing.
This is the same for each wash.

Step 4
Colour Developer - CD
Temperature - 38°C (+/- 1°C)
1st and 2nd film - 6 minutes
3rd and 4th film - 7 minutes
5th and 6th film - 8 minutes

Agitation - constantly during the first 15 seconds, then once every 15 seconds

Step 5
Temperature - 36°C (+/- 5.0°C)
Time : 2 minutes 30 seconds

Step 6
Bleach Fix - BX
Temperature - 36°C (+/- 5.0°C)
1st and 2nd film - 6 minutes
3rd and 4th film - 7 minutes
5th and 6th film - 8 minutes

Agitation - constantly during the first 15 seconds, then once every 15 seconds

Step 7
Final Wash
Temperature - 37°C (+/- 5.0°C)
Time: 4 minutes

Step 8
Stabilizer – STAB
Temperature: 20-25°C
Time: 1 minute

The manual states (Stabilizing is preformed outside the tank)
Stabiliser can form a build up on the reel, over time this can cause problems when loading the film into the reel.
I always stabilize on the reel due to the complications of handling film of the reel.
Just make sure you give your dev gear a real good rinse and wash with hot water as soon as you have finish and never allow the stabilizer to dry only the reels, you do what you find easiest.

Now you are ready to take that film out and admire your hard work.

Allow your film to hang dry, bathroom is best.
You can squeegee your film down

TIP : leave you squeegee in warm water throughout the process, this will make sure it is dirt/dust free and the blades soften up avoiding any unwanted scratches.


  1. How many rolls of film can you get with above mix?
    And can you save the chemicals you used or do you make a new mix every time?

    1. I normally can do 6 rolls of 120 film with 500ml, a 500ml tank will hold 1x120mm film or 2x35mm film, so you would get around 12 35mm per 500ml.
      You save the chemicals and refuse them, each time adding more time to the developing.

  2. Just got the same kit and a lab kit. Jobo tank with room for 2x120 or 2x35


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