These 2 cameras have been set in the same spot for 365 days recording 1 single exposure

Before sunrise on January 1st 2016 these 2 pinhole cameras were set up and started recording an exposure that would last until the last sunset off 2016, recording 2016 in 1 single photographic exposure.

The process in called solargraphy and you can see a few more examples of these HERE on shorter exposures.
I will do a blog post explaining the process more with a DIY.

I did also attempt this last year (2015) 1st attempt at a year long photographic exposure 

1st camera was set up on our windowsill 

2nd has been set looking over Beachy Head Lighthouse

Both cameras will be in soon, and by tomorrow I will have 2 (hopefully) photographs of 2016 in a single exposure.

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