Ilford Pan F 50 through my ONDU Pinhole

4th roll of film through mu ONDU Pinhole camera.
Ilford Pan F 50 camera set at 6x12

Not had much chance to catch up with stuff recently
On Wednesday July 27th at 6pm we welcomed our new boy into the world, Seth Gudgeon

The 1st 2 exposures are of my wife in labour
She started at 3am, I set the 1st exposure at 8am, by 6pm the decision was made to take her in for a c section due to concerns. I was hoping to get the whole labour and delivery in 1 exposure, but unfortunately did not work out that way, but he arrived safely into this world which is all that matters. 

3 hour exposure

 Labour 2
7 hour exposure

One Night 
10 hour exposure 

 Windy Tree
No details recorded 

 Family Beach Day
3 second exposure

Wind power
No Details recorded

Now life is starting to find its new normal with 3 children, hopefully will be getting out more regular.
Next post should be with some more PanF 50 through my RB67 which I've almost finished with.


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