3rd roll of film through my ONDU pinhole with some FUJICOLOR PRO 160S

My first colour film through my ONDU Pinhole camera.
Had it set to 6x12 and used a roll of FUJICOLOR PRO 160S which expired in 2009

This roll of film was developed by a lab and scanned by myself with a Epson v600, some small adjustments have been made in Lightroom.

1 - Beachy Head - Exposure 4 Seconds

2 - Beachy Head - 5 Seconds

3 - lawnmower, with dog attacking - Exposure 5 Seconds

4 - Pylon - Exposure 2 Seconds

5 - Bypass - Exposure 10 Seconds

6 - What the traveler left behind - Exposure 45 Seconds

4th roll of film is some Ilford FP4 which expired in April 2012 with the camera set at 6x9
I have already exposure and developed this film which I will upload the results soon, unfortunately it didn't go to well, It will be "The Film I fought".


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