1st photos from my ONDU Multiformat MK2 Pinhole camera

If you have read one of my previous posts you would know about my recent purchase of an ONDU Multiformat MK2 pinhole camera, in this post I covered my 1st trip out with a roll of Ilford DELTA 100 with the camera set at 6x12.

Last night I had ago at developing my 1st roll of film at home (normally send them to a lab), I first practiced on a roll of Ilford DELTA 100 120 from my RB67, which all seemed to go smoothly, them developed this film, have to say really enjoyed doing it and can't wait to develop more.

From this roll of film I exposed 2 images per composition, there wasn't actually that much difference between the 2 exposure and could of easily be matched together with some editing.

The film was developed with ilfosol 3 at 1+9, 20°C for 5 minutes, then a normal Stop, Fix and Wash

This was the 1st image from Friston Church
10 second exposure

2nd was at the Belle tout lighthouse
13 seconds

3rd image is overlooking The Beachy Head Lighthouse 
13 seconds

Again you can check out this post for all the behind the camera shots.

Really enjoyed using the ONDU and really pleased with the results, already have another roll of Ilford DELTA 100 loaded and ready to go with the camera set at 6x12.


  1. Great first results!
    The one multiformat camera that I have is the 8Banners Mb. It is always, always used at 6X12, as I have 'dedicated' cameras (home made) for 6X6 and 6X9.... But the Ondu sure lookes nice, made in beautiful wood.

    1. Thanks Danny, yes it sure is a beautiful camera, the quality and finish is stunning.


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