My 1st roll of Kodak Ektar 100 from my Yashica D TLR.

Today I had some film from the lab waiting for my when I got home from work, which included my 1st roll of Kodak Ektar 100, 120 film.

These were all photographed with my Yashica D twin lens reflex camera.

These are all straight from the scanner, which is a Epson Perfection V600
(Some have had Backlight correction and Colour Restoration done whilst scanning.)

1: Pylon

This was shot during sunset.
f8 - 1/250sec - Handheld

2: Passing train

A train passing between 2 bridge supports 
f3.5 - 1/15sec - Handheld

3: Eastbourne Beach

Dull morning on Eastbourne Beach
f8 - 1/250sec - Tripod

4: The Dog

Bugzy enjoy the sun
No Details Recorded - Handheld

5: Misty Morning Tree

f8 - 1/250sec - camera on a fence

6: Shameless selfie

No Details Recorded

7: Sea View

View from Birling Gap, Sussex.
No Details Recorded - Handheld

8: Birling gap

Billing Gap, Sussex
No Details Recorded - Handheld

9: My Daughter

No Details Recorded - Handheld

10: Keep off The Rock

No Details Recorded - Handheld

11. View towards Eastbourne

A dull morning view towards Eastbourne
f8 - 1/125sec -Tripod

12: Accidentally rolled the film passed this one 

Overall I am really impressed with The Kodak Ektar 100 in my Yashica D TLR
For handheld shots it has proved challenging in low light with an ISO 100 and with a max aperture on the Yashica D being f/3.5, but impressed with the results from the tripod mounted shots, will give some a little tweaking and upload them to my site.

© All images remain the property of Will Gudgeon and must not be downloaded or used in any way without first contacting myself.


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