Morning in a local park and the beach with my Zero45 pinhole camera.


Headed to a local park the other morning with my Zero Image 4x5 pinhole camera. 
The weather was overcast which in wooded area is never the best with a pinhole camera, my first light meter readings were giving me exposure times between 7-15 minutes in the woods.
By the time I had set up my first shot I was in a much more open area and the sun had started breaking though the clouds and I had exposures off around 3 minutes 30 seconds.

I had my camera loaded with Fomapan 100 4x5 film

My first shot is this tree next to the pond which has some amazing roots around it. Took a little while to figure out a composition for this shot as were is so much going on all over the place, but pleased with how this image turned out.
Focal - 25mm - Exposure 3 minutes 30 seconds

Second image was a complete failure, shortly after opening the shutter the sun kept popping out from behind the clouds and beaming straight into the from of the camera, was completely over exposed, I've pulled some of it back when scanning and edited it, but personally, it looks awful.
Focal - 75mm - Exposure 5 minutes 30 seconds

Third shot of the morning, really pleased with this, I would normally shoot looking up the tree but loved the look of the base, and I think this worked well for it.
Focal - 25mm - Exposure 3 minutes

Forth shot, headed more into the wooded area and found this tree with some vines crawling up it. I has the camera nice and low to captured these leaves at the bottom and looking straight uptake tree. The light was changing constantly with this shot and had to cut the exposure time down towards the end.
Focal - 25mm - Exposure 5 minutes 30 seconds

After the park I headed tot the beach, was hoping the tide was going to be further out and still overcast, but the sun was shining bright and the tide still had further to go.

First shot was from the top of a drainage pipe looking down at the wave crashing against it.
Focal - 25mm - Exposure 5 seconds

Sixth and final shot from the morning, this is the back end on an old pleasure boat, this is one of the last two remaining pleasure boats that use to be moored along Eastbourne seafront.
The composition is not the best, wish I had may the tripod higher.
Focal - 50mm - Exposure 5 seconds

Watch the video

Thoughts on this shoot.
The light was changing a lot on this shoot which made things difficult, but pleased with some of the shots I got. I will head back to the park with my pinhole camera, but will wait until the leaves have reappeared on the trees in the next few months.

Kit used on this shoot

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