Pinhole shoot at Birling Gap, East Sussex.

Last weekend I head down to a local spot, Birling Gap with my Zero Image 4x5 pinhole camera.
When I arrived the weather was perfect with some decent clouds in the sky, the tide was on its way out and the sun was shining.

A few plans for my shoot was to test my filter holder out which I fitted back in October, and not used much, also not shoot so wide all the time. the Zero Image 4x5 does come with extensions which change the focal length, these do work great but I hardly ever use them, so packed them in the bag and forced myself to use them more, personally I still prefer the ridiculously wide angle for the single holder.

Shortly after arriving the clouds all vanished, then appeared when I had shot all my film, but I got a few shots I'm happy with.

Photo 1
Going down the stairs to the beach, wide angle suited this best.
Focal 25mm
Exposure 7 seconds

Photo 2
Had a single extra extension on for this shot for a longer focal length.
Focal 50mm
Exposure 12 seconds

Photo 3
Red filter fitted
Focal 25mm
Exposure to 1 minute 30 seconds

Photo 4
Not sure what this is..??
Focal 50mm
Exposure 12 seconds

Photo 5
My personal favourite from the morning.
Focal 25mm
Exposure 4 seconds

Photo 6
An extension and filter fitted
Filter HOYA ND8 
Focal 50mm
Exposure 3 minutes 30 seconds

Thoughts on this shoot
Really nice to be down Birling gap, not been there for a while The weather was a lot more pleasant that what I have recently had on my last shoots, I do however prefer the bad weather with pinhole photography.
I definitely want to experiment with the filters more and pleased I used them, need to make sure they are as clean as because anything on them will show up, and did have to do a bit extra spot removal.
As for the extensions on the Zero Image 4x5, I prefer the ridiculously wide angle look at 25mm, but will continue to keep the extensions on me when I head out just in case the shops requires it.

Check out the video

Kit used on this shoot

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