365, 27 Exposures at a time 28-54. Disposable camera challenge.

365, 27 Exposures at a time 28-54

At the start of 2017 I set myself a 365 challenge.
Take a single photo everyday with a disposable camera.

2nd camera is a "Boots Vintage Blue" from Boots.

I sent the camera back to Boots to be developed.

28: Jan 28th 

29: Jan 29th - Barn Find

30: Jan 30th - Back to work in the rain, love Mondays like this.....

31: Jan 31st - Evening editing

32: Fed 1st

33: Fed 2nd - Morning commute

34: Fed 3rd

35: Fed 4th - Coffee and cake with my little girl

36: Fed 5th -Sunday drive

37: Fed 6th - Lovely sunrise on my morning cycle

38: Fed 7th - Hello Friend

39: Feb 8th

40: Feb 9th - Evening walkies

41: Feb 10th - love my cycle home on a Frdiay

42: Fed 11th - Play day

43: Feb 12th

44: Feb 13th - reflections

45: Feb 13th - A failed attempt, Beach huts at night...

46: Feb 14th - waiting for dinner

47: Feb 15th - Out with my Voigtländer Perkeo I

48: Feb 16th

49: Feb 17th - champion

50: Feb 18th - cruising

51: Feb 19th - Reed sunset

52: Feb 20th - The final Goodbye, Bugzy (dog) saying goodbye to Tabs (cat) as she goes to the vets for the last time.

53: Feb 21st - a VERY windy cycle home.

54: Feb 22nd - Sunset.

The weather is still mostly cold, windy, wet BUT sunrise and sunsets are starting to get better on my daily commute, and its starting to stay much lighter which makes life easier with a disposable camera.
The "Boots vintage blue" has been a nice camera and have been pleasantly surprised by some of the results.

Next up for the next 27 days is a AgfaPhoto LeBox camera


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