2016 in 1 single photographic exposure.

So last night the 2 cameras I had set up and showed in a previous post came in, and surprisingly where in much better condition than expected.
My last attempt at this came back very water damaged and I certainly thought the camera on the edge of Beachy Head exposed to all that the weather throws at it would be in a much worse state.

Each one of these pinhole cameras started taking a photographic exposure before sunrise January 1st 2016 and have recorded the suns path throughout the entire year.
The white lines in the sky is the path of the sun, gaps in the paths are cloudy overcast days.
The highest path is the longest day, the summer solstice, 20th June, and the lowest path is the winter solstice, December 21st.

This 1st photo is from overlooking Beachy head lighthouse, Sussex UK
The light sensitive paper inside the camera is in a tube and curved around inside, giving a fisheye effect, which is why the sun trails arch very sharply.

This 2nd photo is from our windowsill and was placed in a tabacoo tin with the light sensitive paper placed flat which gives a very accurate photo of the suns path as it rises throughout the year.
The marks on the edges are from the magnets which I had holding it flat inside.

Hope you enjoy both photos, I didn't manage to get any other cameras set out, but hopefully will get some sorted for a few more shorter 3-6 month exposures throughout 2017.
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Many thanks and Happy 2017



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