Shooting pinhole photos in 30-40 mph winds at the beach.

This is the sort of weather I love with a pinhole camera, 30-40mph winds at the beach.

Shooting stormy weather close to the sea with a lenses camera has many challenges, mostly the amount of seas pray you get over the lens, also the water damage isn't very good.

With a pinhole camera, no lens, no electronics, no problems.

Saturday morning I headed to splash point in Seaford, I had my Zero Image 4x5 loaded with Fomapan 100 black and white film.

See how windy it was, watch the video on YouTube

Photo 1
Zero Image 4x5 - 50mm - 10 second exposure
On The Wall

Photo 2
Zero Image - 50mm - 4 second exposure
View To Seaford Needle

Photo 3
Zero Image - 25mm - 6 second exposure
Old Branch Washed Up

Photo 4
Zero Image - 50mm - 2 second exposure
Catching The Waves Coming In

Photo 5
Zero Image - 25mm - 6 second exposure
Lobster Pots

Photo 6
Zero Image - 25mm - 6 second exposure
Lone Beach Hut and Mermaids purse

Thoughts on this shoot
This shoot I loved, I love being at the beach during some windy weather with a pinhole camera. Im actually please with most of the photos apart from the image with the branch washed up, it didn't turn out as I thought, but that is always the beauty and challenge with pinhole photography. As always a few extra clouds in the sky would off been nice.

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