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Buying a Pinhole camera? 10 pinhole cameras worth considering.

If you are considering trying out pinhole photography or getting a new pinhole camera. Heres is a list of 10 cameras worth looking at.

ONDU ONDU Pinhole launched their range of pinhole camera in 2013 through a Kickstarter campaign, and released a MKII version in 2015. They are made on the sunny side of Alps, Slovenia and have a range of pinhole cameras from a small pocket 35mm to a giant 8x10. They are beautifully made out of Walnut and Maple wood and the backing plate and film winders are held on with Neodymium magnets and finished with two coats of solid hard oil to protect it from the natural elements.
All come with an exposure guide and standard 1/4" tripod-mounting thread and hand made bag
ONDU pinhole cameras are available through their website
Zero Image Zero Image pinhole cameras are wooden hand-made cameras made in Hong Kong since 1999, with a range of cameras from 35mm to 8x10. The cameras are made of selected high-quality teak wood and have around 15-20 layers of coating a…

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